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Residential Pest Control on Maui

When it comes to keeping your home pest-free, we understand you have options. That’s why we’ve built a reputation throughout Hawaii for affordable pest treatments and mitigation services that will rid your home of rodents, mites, bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, and more.

No matter the size of your property or the extent of the infestation, we’ll ensure you and your family can rest easy, free from any unwanted visitors. Call us today to learn how we can meet your needs.

House and property pest inspections

Are you looking to sell your home? Are you in the market to purchase an older home? A pest inspection is typically required, and you won’t find more thorough pest inspectors than the team at Mid-Pacific Pest Control, Inc. We’re fully licensed and insured. We have over 20 years of experience treating all kinds of pest infestations. We’re also DCAA-certified for thermal remediation treatments from TEMP-AIR®, and we have over 70 years of combined experience with fumigation techniques. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.

Maui Backyard pest mitigation

Insects and rodents can not only find haven in your home; they can burrow under your backyard. Whether you’re dealing with ants and wasps, caterpillars, or rodents, we’ll ensure your family, pets, and guests don’t have to deal with them — and we’ll do it for a very reasonable price. We use the latest eco-friendly treatments, and we can ensure you will be more more than satisfied with our results.

Keep your ohana protected from infestations.

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