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Maui Termite Treatment

Termites and other pests can not only eat at your crawlspaces; they can weaken your house or commercial business’s structural integrity. As Maui’s leading termite inspection and control service, we’re proud to provide certified reports for home or business owners and thorough pest mitigation services that will ensure your property is protected.

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Professional Termite Inspection and Treatment for Maui Homes and Businesses

We offer quality termite pest control solutions that will ensure your home or your business property are secure from the structural degradation termites often inflict. Our licensed and certified technicians have an expert eye for detail and specialize in:

  • Thermal Remediation from TEMP-AIR®
  • Sentricon® Ground Baiting Systems
  • Perimeter Full Structured Liquid Treatment
  • Spot Treating with XT-2000
  • Sport Fumigation
  • Full Structured Fumigation

Maui’s leading termite exterminators

When you want reliable termite solutions that are safe for your family and pets, affordable and effective, call the termite exterminators at Mid-Pacific Pest Control, Inc. We’ll come to your property, provide a detailed inspection and report and offer cost-effective options for resolving the problem. We’ve maintained a positive accreditation with the BBB, and we stand behind our work, so if the problem crops up again after we’re through, we’ll come back and make it right. Protect your property and your peace of mind by scheduling an appointment today.


First step to protecting your home from termites:


There are two types of termites commonly found in structures.

  1. The Subterranean termite.
    Has a single vein running parallel to the top edge of the wings.
    Builds mud tubes
  2. The Drywood termite.
    Has numerous, more complex veins running between the parallel vein and edge of the wing.
    Uses kickout holes – frass (fecal pellets). The fecal material they leave behind look like fine grains of sand. Color can vary depend on the type of wood that is consumed.

Plan of action:

  1. Choose a trusted professional.
    Identifying termites is tough to do without a trained professional.
    It’s almost impossible to treat for either type termite on your own.

Types of treatment:

  1. Drywood termites
    Spot treat – Only treats isolated area with no guarantees of eliminating the  colony.
    Fumigation – Whole house treatment and scientifically proven to eliminate all Drywood termite colonies.
  2. Subterranean termites:
    Liquid chemical treatment
    Ground termite baiting system
    Subterranean mud tube

Keep your ohana protected from termite infestations.

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