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Maui’s Choice Wildlife Control Service

Pests come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes the unwanted visitors on your property are much bigger problems than insects or spiders. If you’re dealing with unwanted wildlife in your backyard, under your home, or around your property, call the pest and wildlife control professionals at Mid-Pacific Pest Control, Inc.

We can humanely catch and remove chickens, mongeese, boars, pigs, and birds for a competitive price. Contact us now to learn more about our pest control services.

Chicken and mongoose removals

Wild chickens and mongeese are Hawaiian natives that can sometimes overtake a yard or outdoor area on your property. We have the equipment and expertise to remove them safely and humanely, ensuring your family can enjoy your home in peace. As Maui’s trusted pest control experts, we pride ourselves on clear communication, friendly service, and reliable results. Find out more about our wildlife removal solutions by contacting us today.

Boar, pig, and bird control

Is your backyard or outdoor property suffering from a boar, pig, or bird invasion? We have the tools, expertise, and skill to remove them from your property in a humane way. Our wildlife division has over 20 years of experience with wildlife removals, and we can ensure your family and pets remain protected. We also offer expert insect and termite control, bed bug removals, and crop and agricultural pest solutions. Schedule an appointment with us now for immediate service.

Bird Control Maui

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We offer safe and humane wildlife removal solutions.
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