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Backyard birds of Oahu

The Most Common Backyard Birds of Oahu

The Most Common Backyard Birds of Oahu

If you love wildlife, Hawaii should be one of your bucket list destinations to visit thanks to its diverse range of ecosystems that support life both below and above the ocean. Some sources suggest there are around 1,100 bird species living in Hawaii, most of which can’t be found on the US mainland. If you’re interested in admiring some of Hawaii’s high flyers, you might want to learn about the most common backyard birds of Oahu.

You may also want to find out what you should do if Oahu’s backyard birds become a nuisance.

At Mid-Pacific Pest Control, we’re proud of Hawaii’s natural and ecological diversity, but we also understand that pests can be costly problems. If you need help humanely dealing with nesting birds or a pest infestation, we’re just a phone call away. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most abundant backyard birds of Oahu and what you can do if they become a menace.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for These Backyard Birds of Oahu

From the warbling white-eye to the zebra dove, here are some of the most common backyard birds of Oahu:

Warbling White-Eye

Warbling White-Eye in Oahu

The warbling white-eye, also known as the Japanese white-eye, was introduced to Oahu in 1929, and it took barely any time at all for the population to boom. Usually olive-yellow in color with distinctive white eye rings, warbling white-eyes are among the most common backyard birds of Oahu. While not usually considered problematic, these birds can feed on nectar and fruits in gardens.

Common Myna

Common Myna in Oahu

Characterized by its brown body and black head with a yellow eye patch and beak, the common Myna is a forager that feeds on insects, seeds, reptiles, grains, fruits, and human food leftovers. Beautiful as these backyard birds of Oahu are, they are considered an invasive species, and they pose a danger to Hawaii’s native bird populations. If Myna are problematic near you, contact us.

Java Sparrow

Java Sparrow in Oahu

Another one of the most common backyard birds that was introduced to Hawaii is the Java Sparrow, which is originally a native of Indonesia and Bali. Their most distinctive feature is their thick pink bill, which they use to crack grains and seeds. Uniquely stunning as they may be, they’re increasingly becoming an agricultural threat in many countries.

House Finch

House Finch in Oahu

Introduced to Hawaii sometime during the 19th century, house finches are some of the most common backyard birds of Oahu – they remember yards with feeders and will return to the same properties time and time again.

Zebra Dove

Zebra Doves in Oahu

The zebra dove was introduced to Hawaii in 1922 and quickly colonized all the state’s islands. Comfortable near human populations, these doves are often seen near restaurants and parks in search of scraps. Unfortunately, zebra doves pose a threat to many native Hawaiian bird species, which means their numbers need controlling for the sake of our fragile ecosystems.

Having Problems with Backyard Birds in Oahu?

Many of the most abundant backyard birds of Oahu are undeniably beautiful, and that includes species like zebra doves, warbling white-eyes, house finches, Java sparrows, and Myna. However, as you can see from above, some of these common backyard birds can be problematic for many of Hawaii’s native animals. Fortunately, if you’re having issues with any of these backyard birds of Oahu, help is just minutes away.

At Mid-Pacific Pest Control, we’ve grown to become Oahu’s go-to pest control service over the past 20 years thanks to our proven expertise, high-value prices, personalized service, and track record of success. For any queries or concerns regarding invasive backyard birds of Oahu, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists, and we’ll be with you in no time at all.