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does Oahu have roof rats

Does Oahu Have Roof Rats?

Does Oahu Have Roof Rats?

Rodents that include mice and rats are relatively common in Hawaii, capable of squeezing through tiny gaps, making habitats out of hard-to-reach places, and even climbing, which begs the question – does Oahu have roof rats? The four biggest nuisance rodents in Hawaii are the field or house mouse, the Polynesian rat, the Norway (brown) rat, and the roof rat. By far, roof rats are responsible for most pest problems in Oahu. Fortunately, our professionals can deal with the problem or roof rats easily.

At Mid-Pacific Pest Control, we’re a team of BBB-accredited pest control technicians that helps residents and businesses deal with all manner of pest problems. If you suspect you have a roof rat problem, call us for an inspection sooner rather than later so that you can avoid the dangers detailed below.

Does Oahu Have Roof Rats That I Need to Worry about?

Coming in at about seven inches long with a tail that’s slightly longer, roof rats may appear cute on the surface, but these strong and quick climbers can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your property. Not only can rats chew through structural elements of a home, but they can also bite through electrical wiring in ceilings and walls, posing a risk of fire.

If the damage they can cause to your home wasn’t enough, roof rats can also lead to health problems. These rodents can carry over ten types of diseases that can spread to humans, including leptospirosis, murine typhus, salmonellosis, and rat lungworm disease. You don’t need to come into direct contact with roof rats to be at risk of contracting these diseases; indirect contact with excreta also poses a risk.

So, does Oahu have roof rats that should concern you? In short, yes, but the risks are very small provided you eliminate the rat infestation promptly.

Signs You May Have Roof Rats in Oahu

Because roof rats are excellent climbers, spotting them in places they like to hide, such as roof spaces and trees, can be challenging. However, if you notice these signs, you should call us for an inspection:


Roof rat droppings are dark brown, about half an inch in length and usually have pointed ends. You might notice these droppings in corners, on rafters, along walkways, and in secluded areas.

Nesting Material

Roof rats use all sorts of household materials to build nests. Look for signs of shredded paper, insulation, or fabric. They may also gather grass, twigs, and other plants from your yard.

Gnaw Marks

roof rats

If you have roof rats, you might notice gnaw marks on food packaging, wooden structures, and other household goods.


Rats are most active at night. If you can hear screeching and clawing sounds coming from your walls or attic when the lights go out, you might want to contact us for an inspection.

Does Oahu Have Roof Rats? What Can I Do?

Given that roof rats can carry and spread disease, it’s best to avoid trying to deal with an infestation without help. If you can hear clawing sounds at night and notice signs such as droppings, nesting materials, and gnaw marks, call us right away because the answer to “does Oahu have roof rats” is a resounding yes! Fortunately, we can inspect your property, clear the infestations, identify signs of damage, and recommend repairs. We can also implement preventative treatments to make sure roof rats never become a problem again. Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote.