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The Ultimate Guide to Termite and Pest Control in Oahu

The Ultimate Guide to Termite and Pest Control in Oahu

No property in the world is 100% impervious to the threat of pest infestations, but by learning how to stay on top of termite and pest control in Oahu, you can minimize the chances of uninvited critters invading your home. However, it’s worth noting that even if you maintain your home to the highest standards of cleanliness, pests such as termites, bed bugs, and rodents can still find ways to transform your abode into their habitat. If you want to make sure such a problem never arises, you can count on us for professional pest control rather than attempt to keep your home critter-free DIY style.

At Mid-Pacific Pest Control, we’ve been at the forefront of termite and pest control in Oahu for nearly 25 years. In addition to being BBB accredited, we’re Hawaii’s only company that’s DCAA-certified to use TEMP-AIR® thermal remediation solutions. No matter the pest problem, we have the expertise to eradicate it. Keep reading below for more termite and pest control tips.

termite and pest control in Oahu

Top Tips for Termite and Pest Control in Oahu

From learning how to spot the signs of an infestation to paying for professional preventative treatments, here’s how you can stay on top of termite and pest control in Oahu:

1. Look for Warning Signs

It’s not always easy to recognize the early signs of an infestation, especially when it comes to pests like roof rats and cockroaches that are mostly active at night. However, if you notice gnaw marks on food packaging, droppings, foul odors, or strange rustling noises at night, you might want to contact a pest control technician for a property inspection.

2. Seal All Potential Access Points

It’s not just insects like bed bugs and termites that can enter tiny holes in your property; rodents that include most species of mice and rats can fit their entire body through any gap they can squeeze their heads into. If you want to make your home pest-proof, locate and cover all cracks and crevices.

3. Keep Your Property Clean

Make sure there’s no open water or food containers lying around your home to avoid attracting pests. You should also keep the place as clutter-free as possible so that there are no hiding places that critters can transform into a habitat.

4. Consider Home Remedies

While their effectiveness can vary, some home remedies may help you deter pests. For example, you can mix essential oils with water and spray it around your home to deter pest invasions. You can also make a homemade pesticide paste by mixing borax with sugar and water.

5. Contact Professional Pest Control Experts

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The most straightforward way to stay on top of termite and pest control in Oahu is to contact a team of professionals to apply preventative treatments. Find out about these effective treatments for pest control by calling our experts.

Learn More about Professional Termite and Pest Control in Oahu

If you want to keep critters out, you should seal your home’s access points, keep the place clean and clutter-free, and use home remedies in certain situations to eradicate small infestations. However, the best way to stay on top of termite and pest control in Oahu is to call our team of technicians for routine inspections and preventative treatments. At Mid-Pacific Pest Control, we have the skills, experience, and technical knowledge to make your home a fortress against termites, rodents, bed bugs, and more. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.