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Unusual Pests in Hawaii: Finding an Exterminator in Honolulu for the Lesser-Known Intruders in Your Home

Unusual Pests in Hawaii: Finding an Exterminator in Honolulu for the Lesser-Known Intruders in Your Home

An Exterminator in Honolulu Helps with ALL Kinds of Pests

When you think of “pests on Oahu” what are the first things that come to mind? Probably the pests you see most often like rats, cockroaches, ants, maybe termites and chickens…living in paradise certainly doesn’t exempt Hawaii residents from dealing with pests! While some pests (like these) are commonly known, there are lesser-known intruders that can find their way into your home or wreak havoc even if they’re outside! Let’s explore the unusual pests of Hawaii, their habits, signs of infestation, and effective control measures to keep your island abode pest-free including finding an exterminator in Honolulu.

The Coqui Frog: The Noisy Neighbor You Can’t Call the Cops On

The Coqui frog (originally from Puerto Rico) has established a presence in Hawaii. Known for its distinctive “ko-kee” call, this small frog can become a noisy nuisance, especially in the evenings–leading to a terrible night’s sleep. Learn how to identify signs of a Coqui frog infestation (the first hint is that you’ll probably hear them ALL night long) and discover eco-friendly methods to deter their presence from your property, including finding an exterminator in Honolulu like Mid-Pacific Pest Control.

The Koa Seed Bug: The Tiny Troublemaker

The Koa seed bug is a lesser-known pest (in fact, we’d be impressed if you’ve heard of ‘em) that can be found in forests and residential areas throughout Hawaii. But just because they don’t have the household fame of say, ants or rats, doesn’t mean they’re not a nuisance. These small, oval-shaped insects feed on the seeds of Koa trees, but they can also find their way into homes.

The Hawaiian Happy Face Spider: The Unique Arachnid that’s not as Friendly as it Sounds

The Hawaiian Happy Face Spider is a colorful and intriguing species (hey, compliments where they’re due!) found only in Hawaii. While practically harmless to humans, these spiders can still startle homeowners and make your abode feel unwelcoming. Talking to an exterminator in Honolulu can help you learn about these spiders behavior, preferred habitats, and how to peacefully coexist with these spiders outside your home. 

The Surinam Cockroach: The Uninvited Guest that Still Makes Us Go, “Yuck!”

The Surinam cockroach (also known as the “palmetto bug”) is an unwelcome (and gross) visitor in Hawaiian homes. These large, reddish-brown insects are known for their resilience and ability to adapt to various environments. That means they can be difficult to truly eradicate from your space.

Living in Hawaii means that you should take plenty of time to enjoy the natural beauty and vibrant ecosystem…OUTSIDE your home. It’s important to be aware of the unusual pests that can find their way into your space, and by understanding the habits, signs of infestation, and control measures for these lesser-known intruders, you can effectively protect your island abode. If you encounter any unusual pests, it’s always recommended to consult with a professional pest control service familiar with Hawaii’s unique pest challenges–like Mid-Pacific Pest Control. With knowledge, proactive measures, and the right exterminator in Honolulu– you can maintain a pest-free home and continue to enjoy the beauty of Hawaii’s paradise!