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All About Wild Chickens on Oahu

All About Wild Chickens on Oahu

Wild Chickens on Oahu: How to Get Rid of Them and What Attracts Them

With so much focus on the creepy-crawlies that invade our home, we at Mid-Pacific Pest Control wanted to take some time and discuss one of the less talked about but equally frustrating home invaders in Hawaii: wild chickens on Oahu. We’re diving deep into the world of these nuisances, and exploring the mysteries of how to bid them farewell and what in the world keeps them sticking around.

Why there are Chickens on Oahu

So, what’s the scoop on the wild chickens on Oahu? Well, let’s rewind a bit and time-travel to the ’90s when Hurricane Iniki tore through the island. Chicken coops were destroyed, setting these winged wonders free. No natural predators, a balmy tropical climate, and voilà! You’ve got a chicken population explosion on your hands.

What Attracts Wild Chickens to Your Home and Property on Oahu

Let’s unravel the mysteries of what exactly keeps these birds flocking to Oahu. Here are some attractions that may be bringing all the chickens to the yard.

Foodie Paradise

  • These chickens aren’t just tourists; they’re foodies. Oahu’s lush vegetation and abundant insects provide them with a buffet that’s hard to resist. Mangoes, papayas, and oh-so-tasty bugs, anyone?

Hidden Nests

  • Chickens are smart when it comes to nesting. They find cozy spots in bushes, trees, and even abandoned buildings to lay their eggs, making it tricky to locate and remove them.

Feeding Habits

  • People, unknowingly or not, often feed wild chickens on Oahu. Whether it’s intentional or scraps left behind at picnics, chickens quickly learn that humans equal snacks.

How to Get Rid of the Wild Chickens on Your Oahu Property

Alright, so you’re tired of the early morning wake-up calls and the beachside chicken picnics. What can you do to give these birds a one-way ticket off your property?

Secure Your Trash

  • Chickens are scavengers. Keep your trash cans secure to deny them a free meal.

 No More Feeding

  • Avoid feeding them intentionally. If you do, you’ll be their new best friend, and they won’t leave your side.

Cover Open Areas

  • If you have open spaces like gardens or lawns, consider covering them with mesh to deter chickens from foraging.

Seek Professional Help

  • When all else fails, don’t hesitate to call in experts. Pest control services can help you deal with the issue humanely and effectively.

Winning Your Battle Against Wild Oahu Chickens

As you battle these annoying invaders, remember that the chicken saga on Oahu is never-ending. Wild chickens on Oahu are here to stay on the island, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take action to keep them out and far away! Keeping your property unattractive to chickens is a great first step to preventing a total take over, and prevention IS one of the best ways to deal with pest moving in. If your chicken problem just doesn;t seem to be getting any better it may be time to call in the experts at Mid-Pacific Pest Control! We can help you keep your home pest-free!