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Why Does Hawaii Have So Many Roaches

Why Does Hawaii Have So Many Roaches? A Detailed Guide

Why Does Hawaii Have So Many Roaches? A Detailed Guide

Hawaii is widely considered to be one of the most inviting destinations in the world. Even people who have never visited the Aloha State imagine it to be a sun-kissed tropical paradise with a welcoming and diverse population. Unfortunately, Hawaii’s population isn’t limited to humans. These islands are a hotbed for a wide variety of pests, including cockroaches that can be a nuisance at best and a hazard at worst. This begs the question – why does Hawaii have so many roaches? And what can you do if an infestation takes over your home?

At Mid-Pacific Pest Control, we’ve been helping homeowners and businesses rid their properties of pests – and keep them pest-free – for over 20 years. While we know that roaches are a common problem, we also know exactly what it takes to get rid of them. Below, we’ll tell you more about cockroach infestation prevention and treatment. But first, why does Hawaii have so many roaches?

Roaches sneaking into a Hawaiian home

Why Does Hawaii Have So Many Roaches?

Just like people, cockroaches appear to be big fans of Hawaii’s warm and humid climate, which provides the perfect conditions for them to thrive. Naturally, when cockroaches have the right conditions to feed and breed incessantly, infestations can become a common problem.

The other main reason why Hawaii has so many roaches concerns the fact that the Aloha State is a group of islands. We may be able to sail and fly to faraway nations, but cockroaches are largely stuck here.

As it turns out, cockroaches are not native to Hawaii – they were introduced to the islands either by early Polynesian settlers or later European explorers and traders. Today, there are at least 19 species of cockroaches that call Hawaii home, but three species tend to cause the most problems.

Most Common Species of Roaches in Hawaii

The most common species of cockroaches in Hawaii are:

German Cockroach

German cockroach

Measuring about half an inch in length with a light brown color and two distinctive stripes on their back, German cockroaches are responsible for most roach problems in Hawaii. They’re commonly found in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, and they are notorious for spreading diseases.

American Cockroach

American cockroach

At over two inches long with a reddish-brown color, American cockroaches may look more intimidating than their German cousins, but they tend to reside in out-of-the-way areas like sewers and basements, though they’re also found in gardens and trees.

Surinam Cockroach

Surinam cockroach

The Surinam cockroach is about an inch long with shiny wings and a dark brown color. As this is a burrowing roach usually found in soil and potted plants, Surinam roaches are less common than German and American roaches, but they can cause damage to your flora.

Why Does Hawaii Have So Many Roaches and What Can You Do?

Cockroaches are common in Hawaii because they’re islands that can’t be escaped by bug pests, and they also happen to provide the optimal conditions for their survival. To prevent an infestation in your home, make sure to keep things clean and tidy, seal all holes and potential access points, eliminate standing water, and consider using traps or baits. Alternatively, call the professionals at Mid-Pacific Pest Control for lasting results and peace of mind.