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are there scorpions in Oahu

Are There Scorpions in Oahu? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Are There Scorpions in Oahu? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

As a resident of Oahu, you’re already aware that this beautiful island has its fair share of pests. Mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, and invasive birds can all cause problems for businesses and homeowners. But on top of the pests you hear about daily, many other critters often fly under the radar. This leads us to the question at hand – are there scorpions in Oahu? If so, are they dangerous? And what can you do to avoid them?

At Mid-Pacific Pest Control, we’re the leading team of pest control experts in Oahu, with over 20 years of experience, a proven track record of success, and excellent reviews to prove it. While we often deal with the likes of termites, bed bugs, ants, and cockroaches, we can also deal with rarer infestations such as those caused by scorpions. If you need help with a pest problem, give us a call. Keep reading to learn more about scorpions in Oahu.

Scorpions in Oahu

Are There Scorpions in Oahu?

While scorpions are much more common in other regions of the world, they are indeed present in Oahu. The only type of scorpion that is native to Hawaii is the Hawaiian scorpion (Paruroctonus boreus), also known as the Hawaiian burrowing scorpion. Fortunately, Hawaiian scorpions are very rarely aggressive towards humans. However, they are known to sting when provoked.

Are There Scorpions in Oahu that are Dangerous to Humans?

While a sting from a Hawaiian scorpion is usually no more painful than a bee sting, people with allergies or sensitivities to insect venom should still exercise caution when encountering scorpions. It’s essential to avoid provoking scorpions to prevent stings. You should also avoid handling them to avoid potential allergic reactions.

There have been occasional reports of non-native scorpion species being introduced to Oahu, likely through human activities such as the transportation of goods or landscaping materials. These non-native species may pose a greater risk due to their potentially more potent venom and aggressive behavior.

Are scorpions stings dangerous

How to Deter Scorpions

To reduce the risk of encountering scorpions in Oahu, you can take preventive measures such as sealing entry points, decluttering your home and garden, and wearing protective clothing when working outdoors. If you spot scorpions around your property, it’s advisable to contact a pest control professional for their safe and effective removal.

Are There Scorpions in Your Oahu Home? Call Us to Rectify the Situation

Are there scorpions in your Oahu home? There may be if you notice signs such as scorpion sheds, unusual odors, and feces trails that look like dark, irregular streaks or smudges on walls, floors, or other surfaces. If you suspect scorpions have made a habitat out of your property, you might want to call our pest control specialists sooner rather than later. At Mid-Pacific Pest Control, we utilize the most advanced industry techniques to eliminate pest problems for good. Contact our friendly professionals today, and we’ll be glad to organize a home visit at a time that works with your busy schedule.